WIndows Update 8024D001 error

Once, after new installation of Windows XP SP3, the Windows Update showed error 0x8024D001 when opened in the Internet Explorer. No Microsoft FixIt could fix it :-) nor installing latest Windows Update worked. However, later I found out that Windows Update as a service is working, only the user interface in Internet Explorer does not work. So I recommend doing this:
  1. Allow automatic updates if you didn't already (Security Center in Control Panel classic view).
  2. Run wuauclt /detectnow on command line.
  3. Wait (possibly for few hours :-) ) until there is an icon in the tray telling you that there are updates for your computer.
  4. Install them.
  5. If reboot is required than reboot.
  6. If Windows Update page in Internet Explorer still does not work GOTO 2.
  7. Profit. Unless there are no more updates and it still does not work :-)
Note that when trying to fix it I already installed IE 8, MS FixIt 50777 and WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe. I don't think that it is needed, but if the procedure above does not work for you, you can try to install them first.